How to win at PUBG mobile

Here’s some tipps and tricks to get you started with PUBG mobile

PUBG mobile or PLAYERUNKOWN’s Battlegrounds for mobile phones is now available worldwide for iOS and Android and of course you’ll need to know some things first before you jump into the game. So let’s have a look at the things that you can do in order to get closer to the WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER screen. If you want to have a video version of our little article here, you can see it right here:


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first thing: enable the gyroscope

With gyroscope aiming you can not only get more control over the aim that you have in the game, it’s also more precise than using the touch controls. Tilt your phone to the left or right and your character will turn to the left or the right side. Tilt it up and down and your character looks up and down. This enables you to move your character on the ground while looking around and still having a thumb to push one of the two fire buttons. If you don’t have the gyroscope aim active, you can only move around and shoot, or stand still, aim and shoot. In both cases you’re either not quick enough to take a shot, or you vulnerable while standing still. With Gyroscope aiming you have the clear advantage, so use it.

Your lobby screen in PUBG mobile, almost like the desktop version

also, use your headphones

Something I don’t need to mention really, but still: use your headphones. PUBG mobile has some really good sound design for being a mobile phone. Just shows how well the Unreal Engine also ports over to mobile devices. While the footsteps are probably too loud as all characters just stomp over everything, without being able to run, just walk fast, it’s good to listen out to incoming other players. So be on your toes, listen in and prefire if you located someone through listening.

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner, even on mobile you feel awesome getting a win!

use the cars

Since not many use the gyroscope to aim in PUBG mobile (maybe this article changes this?) use the cars to travel over the maps. If people spot you, they probably still can’t get a hit on you and if you fast enough you just roadkill others easily. So yeah, use the cars and buggies on Erangel.

You can also level up in PUBG mobile and climb the ladders of the season for solo, duo and squad.

prepare your hardware

Now in PUBG mobile you’re limited to only 2 weapons, one health item slot and one melee or grenade slot. Choose wisely as you want to have the best healing item ready to use and the best grenade to throw. For it’s usually the aggressive energy drink and frag grenade. Just by having the items ready on your screen, you’ll be faster to react than your enemy, so use this advantage in PUBG mobile. Also, with the quick item menu, you can easily swap out attachements between weapons without needing to first put them off the weapon into the inventory and then putting them on the next weapon. Just pull them from one weapon to another and the attachments will be swapped out.

After each match you’ll get a rating and another prompt to share your screen on social media. You know, when you really want everyone to know how well you did in the last round.