IGDB joins Twitch – the IMdB of gaming

If you haven’t heard about IGDB, the Internet Gaming Database, you will definitely use it more often in the future as of today, the videogame information service was bought in an acquisition by Twitch.

Why is IGDB belonging to Twitch interesting

IGDB hosts information about videogames, publishers, voice actors who can claim their own page and curate their own work, images, screenshots, press kits and much more data. This will both be used by Twitch to improve their own search functionality as also including deeper insights about the games that are being played on Twitch as we understand following a statement in the TechCrunch.com article about this news.

What is IGDB

Founded in 2015 by Christian Frithiof and a small team based in Gothenburg, Sweden, IGDB sources its gaming content both through community contributions and automation. One fantastic use is the abilitiy to both find games that are coming soon, sorted by date and to dig deeper if you want to find trailers, screenshots and more contact info.

We personally used IGDB often to find material for smaller indie titles which wouldn’t have gotten a spotlight or even a chance to be found on search engines like Google if it wasn’t for IGDB. So I personally am pleased to see the project grow and their ability to expand further with Twitch as a main source of funding and usecases.

What happens next now that IGDB is owned by Twitch

As posted in their own Medium article, the API won’t go away and in fact all free and premium tier users of the API will be able to continue to use the service. All users will be migrated into a new free tier that will serve the same features as the new premium tier that you had to pay for previously.

First things first: the API is here to stay, and we are merging our premium and free tiers into a single new free tier. Going forward, that means that you will now contribute information to Twitch as well as IGDB and the thousands of apps, services, and websites that are powered by this information.

the IGDB team on their medium announcement

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