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First Impression – Ironsight

Fight impressive battles and use your full skillset in order to win in Ironsight!
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It’s finally time, famous fps and Call of Duty like game,¬†Ironsight by South-Korea based Wiple Studio developed, has finally found a publisher for North America and Europe. From Gamigo Games we can now play the closed, and in December the open beta of this fresh take on the classic future warfare shooter genre. I’m fascinated with this games as it indeed brings back a lot of great fun I had back in the day from the Call of Duty series, right when it was modern, but not just jumping along the Y-axis to avoid enemy fire-playstyle. The soon available Free-to-Play will be available via Aeria Games and will use ingame microtransactions to fund development and keeping the systems running.

Arm the bomb in Ironsight to win the Seek and Destroy gamemode.

What makes it special

Besides the fantastic gunplay and movement, that’s agile and versatile, while keeping the boots on ground, the scorestreak system is another big plus for me. The scorestreak does not break when you die, but the more kills you gather, the quicker you can call in scorestreaks like attack drones, missiles and other high tech observation and attack technologies. While in most Call of Duty games the kill- or scorestreaks were more of an annoyance than fun, in Ironsight those gameplay enhancing features feel powerful enough, but are also easy to stop if not used correctly. It happens quicker that an attack laser is lost within seconds than that the attack is wiping the team on the first attempt. It’s important to stick together and to coordinate counter attacks.

Shooting down a hallway to secure a parameter in Ironsight

What content ist there

From the introduction of a small tutorial training ground on, there seems to be a whole campaign being included later on as well. For now the training ground is the only singleplayer part of Ironsight. The other modes that Ironsight offers are the classic team-deathmatch, search and destroy and kill-confirmed. For me, team-deathmatch is always the proving ground to try and see if the gameplay mechanics are fun to me as the player and it all certainly works well in this game. The map collection could be bigger, but for a free-to-play game with this scope, I’m more than happy with what the game offers from the start.

Call in impressive scorestreaks like the helicopter to shred your enemy team.


Ironsight is a fantastic free-to-play game in the making and Wiple Games studio has so far my trust in their development progress, that we all will see each other again on the battlefield.

work together, cooperate and have fun in the free to play multiplayer fps Ironsight

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