Iron Man VR is the reason I’d actually buy PSVR

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Before I went to see two very lovely Indie games at Kasedo on Gamescom Tuesday, I went to the Sony booth to get hands on time with Iron Man VR and my first real game experience in VR (unlike a tech demo like the roller coaster demo). You can read about my Indie titles covered so far here and here: But let’s jump into talking about Iron Man VR.

The Iron Man VR demo

Right so we start the demo as we are inside of the Iron Man suit and Friday let’s us have some fun by warming up outside of our manor on the cliff. The classic Tony Stark residence we know from all three Iron Man movies. Friday sends over some drones that we learn to take out and in the meantime, we also learn all the basics necessary of being Iron Man.

how to play Iron Man VR

Playing the game with PSVR was very intuitive. One controller for each hand and of course the VR headset. When we look down we get to see a small orange ring to our feet to let us know where to stay standing, even when we’re turning around ourselves.

Our main moves are using out thrusters to push ourselves around, shooting repulsor shots from our hands (while trying to stay afloat) and additionally a nice punching attack that propels us forward as well.

so.. uh… the obvious reading point

Did I feel like Iron Man? Well… I guess in VR it’s the fairest moment to say so. It’s hella fun and I felt like I was getting better and better the more time I spent in the VR headset. Once I properly figured out how to fly around, using my momentum, I started using my repulsors like guns. It was so fluid, so intuitive. So much fun!

Until I took the headset off from my 15 minute session and noticed the huge amount of sweat. Like JESUS, I was sweating under this thing. Waterfalls from my forehead and the vr Headset itself. I’m kinda glad I was the first one to got into the VR headset before anyone else at Gamescom. I can see myself still buying a PSVR just for the Iron Man VR experience alone, it’s an absolute blast but wow, I really hope Iron Man at least has some cooling going in his suit.

So yeah, Iron Man VR is a lot of fun, although I wonder how good the experience will be for a longer session with the genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist. Please make the Playstation 5 VR include a cooling and fan solution.

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