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John Wick 3 spoiler free review

This movie took some balls to be produced

Keanu Reeves is back again as Baba Yaga I. John Wick Chapter 3: Parabellum. The insane story of John Wick continues right after Chapter 2 when he got to be Excommunicare, hunted for $14m. Does he survive? Well I guess since the news is already out far and wide that John Wick Chapter 4 will be out in May 2021: Yes. But that’s not the important part.


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brutal, honest, raw

What matters with John Wick 3 is simply to me if I still care after two lengthy storylines already past, does the third one still excite me or does the glory fade for John Wick by now? Well for sure John Wick 3 is the most brutal movie of the three yet, going very far to make the audience feel a large portion of pain. And that comes mostly as a surprise and is with that probably more effective than seeing heroes struggle, going through torture or otherwise painful experiences which mostly don’t make the viewer feel the suggested or even shown pain as much. But in Iohn Wick 3 I was yelling out loud a lot with “ouch!” and “oh my god noooooo”. Sure. It’s fun, but also very very painful to see.

bigger cast than ever, with no less excitement about each and every one of them

So let’s get back on track again, does it get tiring to see Baba Yaga again slaughtering hundreds of people on camera? Sadly, some encounters indeed feel way too long and take away from the experience as it sometimes is just painfully exhausting, even though John Wick does share the action actually. Lance Riddick is back again as the Concierge and other most famous actors tag along. I will keep to myself who the new faces are, but I like to think that there is still a lot of action and powerful performances in some of them which I did not think at first when I saw certain people enter the movie.

partially tiring in both good and bad ways

In fact, from day one on with John Wick, it always felt like it played into the superhero genre, but what they learned to do right with the Marvel movies just in recent years, is always present in John Wick throughout all three movies: the struggle. Especially in movie 3 I’d like to think that John Wick feels more like a movie about boxing than just shooting. The struggle gets shown by visiting his upbringing place, seeing other students being prepared for war and more. Plus the final skirmish (not a spoiler really, this whole movie is called para bellum after all) takes indeed longer than the tiring scene I mentioned before, but it felt right to be exhausted with John Wick together in the audience, as you hope with the final struggle that both we get a satisfying ending as much as John Wick hopes to find an end to his war against the High Table.

If you want peace…

The lore in this movie is going through the roof by the way. So many details and deals and information that not take away from the mysticism of John Wick’s universe but instead they tie me down to my seat and ask for more without feeling out of place or hurting the fun I have seeing his war play out. Again, taking some notes maybe from the superhero movies but certainly not in a way, that we get all the answers, only small bits that keep us engaged. Especially with very good twists and turns that establish everything in the end as one large game of thrones basically, where the throne is basically keeping the status quo of everyone’s position of power.

… prepare for war

In the end, everything comes together and though we know there will be a new movie, John Wick Chapter 3 does not play with you as the audience to try to keep you guessing if he survives or not to have yet another adventure. The chessboard gets set up in a way where two new fronts are clearly established, new broken characters get set up to be leading parties and indeed as I left the theatre, I wanted to go back again to see chapter 3 to bathe in the excellent cinematographic artwork that has yet again been produced while also being excited to bits to see Baba Yaga back again on the screens in 2021. Fully recommended for action fans and those that seek thrilling, smart and beautifully executed cinema for adults.