Meet Suda 51 at Gamescom

If you’re at Gamescom 2019 on Wednesday, you can meet Suda 51 in Hall 10.2 at the Vigamus Academy / Link Campus University Booth. The legendary game creator who created titles like No More Heros and Killer 7 will be open to talk about his new venture called Project INFINITO.

About Project Infinito

For those not in the know, Project INFINITO is a joint collaboration between video game universities Vantan Game Academy in Japan and VIGAMUS Academy / Link Campus University in Italy. The idea was for students from the two universities from two entirely different parts of the world to work together, delivering games directed by Suda-san, who is a teacher at both universities.

Students from both universities worked on pitches then presented to Suda51, with two concepts eventually chosen from the line-up; Lullaby and Cosmo Express. Both games are made by a mixed team composed of students from both Japan and Italy.

about Lullaby

Lullaby tells the story of Anne, a little girl gifted with the power of an incredibly vivid imagination – but is it a gift, or a curse? Anne is not an ordinary little girl and her thoughts exaggerate what she sees to the point of transfiguring themselves and do harm to her. A vacuum cleaner could become a soul-devouring monster, dolls are much more deadlier than they seem and even a friendly Shiba Inu possibly conceals a very bizarre secret.

The rooms of Anne’s house hide much more than meets the eye, and the player is left alone in this madness with only a gas lamp at disposal. Once the gas lamp runs out of fuel, things will get very bad for Anne, and it’s up to the player to protect her.

About Cosmo Express

Cosmo Express, as the name suggests, is a game set in space, aboard a very strange train. On Cosmo Express you will need to escort a VIP – a bratty alien queen – all while also taking care of a mysterious thief that sneaked onto the train. Meanwhile, you will engage conversations with snake people from distant planets, quirky robots and so on. The game, which takes place in retro-styled train coaches, will see the player navigating from seat to seat, gathering clues and expanding their knowledge of the lore, but expect many surprises from an action and gameplay standpoint.

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