Mega Man 11 is coming in October

Today Capcom came out with news about the Mega Man series announcing that this year, on October 2nd this year. The game will release on Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. The release includes also a physical release and preorders will include the soundtrack of the game as an added bonus. As for the price, the PS US store already has the preorder option publich which lists the game at a comfortable 29.99$.


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For the Nintendo Switch version of the game, in US Game Stop stores a preorder will give you the option to preorder the Amiibo version of Mega Man 11. That set will not only include a Mega Man 11 Amiibo, but also a set of stickers and a piece of cloth showing the stage selection of Mega Man 11.

As for the story, for what we know right now, we are of course going to fight back again against Doktor Wily. On your way you’ll me Block Man and Fuse Man, which can be seen in the screenshot below as well. While the most prolific weapon, the Mega Blaster, is of course back for your adventure, as a new addition, next to the option to pause the game and to switch weapons, you can now also just flick the right stick in any direction to open up a weapon wheel. Neat! We highly encourage to read the full article about the game over at the Sony Playstation blog. Again, Mega Man 11, coming out to all major platforms for 29.99$ on October 2nd.