Dreams on PS4 recreated MGS 1 intro scene

My MGS fanboy heart just skipped a beat

So in the videogame Dreams for Playstation 4 you can both create and play through creations of the community based on a game creator that’s again rooted from what the developer of Little Big Planet has already started in said game series. Media Molecule truly gifted us with some great tools hidden behind the Little Big Planet games but now with Dreams we officially get the tools to be the creator ourselves. Apparently these tools allow for some wild creations such as this newly updated level of the Metal Gear Solid:


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The creator behind that project is Bearly Regal (real name Bear Parker) which seems to be a hint at maybe one of his former favorite YouTube channel “Barely Legal” which has for a while changed its name. Nontheless where the origin of his username stems from, certainl seeing ;etal Gear Solid’s introduction level being recreated in such a polished look is certainly astounding and just proves furthermore how good the tools underneath are from the Dreams release, which is currently only available in early access on PS4.

The original creator of the Metal Gear Solid franchise and game director Hideo Kojima approves this project even on his Twitter with three emojis clearly indicating a positive stance towards the project:


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If you want to see more of the Metal Gear Solid project in Playstation Dreams, be sure to give Bearly Regal a follow on his twitter as he is avid in sharing his creation around including updates of course: @Bearskopff

Did you play the official remaster of Metal Gear Solid on Gamecube back when it released and are you now interested in trying Dreams yourself? Let us know on our socials listed below:

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