Metroid Prime 4 is seemingly not far into production

We just learned that Retro Studios is still hiring key positions for the production of Metroid Prime 4 which was restarted just this year as announced by a Nintendo Direct in January.


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Now that it is June 2019, we’d hope that Retro Studios could show us something for Metroid Prime 4, but so far this E3 2019 we didn’t see anything from Nintendo about Metroid Prime 4. Seems like there is a good reason for that: Development on Metroid Prime 4 is simple just not that far yet.

As posted today, Retro Studios has a position open for Art Director for Metroid Prime 4 via their company Twitter:


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The goal of this position is to find someone who can lead the collaborative development of Metroid Prime 4’s artistic direction. A key development position that should be filled from day one or as soon as possible once development begins (so I understand). In all fairness, we don’t know the full insight into what the situation at Retro Studios looks like. It could well be that there was already a filling for the position of Art Director and that something happened that lead to that position being empty. We can certainly assume though, things are progressing, no matter how slow or fast in the end.

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