Play Minecraft Classic in your browser right now!

” Hated every update we’ve ever released? Then it’s your lucky day!” it says on the official blog post on the Mojang website. Well I don’t complain but maybe some want to get back to a more simple Minecraft experience before it got highly complex and wide ranging in its choice of decorative items for your housing. So for you and for the 10th anniversary of the game, Mojang releases yet another new thing regarding Minecraft. For today it is the classic Minecraft version you can play now directly in your browser over on:

Classic Minecraft – auto generated

Once you visit the link above, you’re automatically dropped into a brand new generated world that you can even share with your friends around, no account needed. Play with up to 9 friends together and 32 blocks available for your crafting tastes. And yes, also all the old bugs are back including a… basic .. user interface. But hey, it’s free!

The classic Minecraft experience begins with an invite link and a username field.

What do you think about this version of Minecraft? Did you play since the early alpha days of the game or are you playing it on console these days? Let us know on our socials listed down below to join the discussion and don’t miss any new news stories in the gaming sphere!

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