learn to make coffee for the dead in Necrobarista

This is a series of posts that will cover the games we as The New Byte saw at Gamescom 2019 in Cologne! See other posts in this series in the archive right here: https://thenewbyte.com/category/gamescom-2019/

In this part four of our Gamescom 2019 recap I want to talk about a little game that’s much more laid back and relaxed. I’m talking about the visual novel game called Necrobarista. It caught my attention when the invitaiton to see it on the showfloor came into my inbox right from the first few screenshots. It looks fantastic!


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The deal with Necrobarista

Developed by Route 59 games, Necrobarista will come to PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC, including a small demo for the PC version in case you want to take a look at the game yourself.

In Necrobarista, you’ll play the role of the young coffee barista Maddy who also is a Necromancer. The special treat for the coffee place Maddy runs is that the dead can spent one last day on earth. But there are rules to it, as I learned when playing the game. For example: you shall never ask someone if they’re dead. The visitors will tell you on your own.

With that in mind, it’s all about finding out about yourself and uncovering the dark mysteries that Necrobarista has to offer for you as the player. Most of the game is told in form of different vignettes, utilizing stylized camera angles and superbe anime-like looks of the world and characters. But you’re not only going to be reading the whole story from beginning to end, you’ll also be able to explore a bit for yourself in the modern day Melbourne of which Necrobarista is set in in a point-and-click adventure style.

I felt intrigued when I tried the game in the indie booth of Gamescom. Sadly my time was fairly limited but on the other hand I’m also glad I didn’t get to see too much before the release. The trailer shows all you need to know about style and setup, next year we can all embark on the adventure Maddy will have with the dead and the dark mystery that lies beyond the coffee bar. I for one, can’t wait to see the full game once it releases with a nice cup of coffee.

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