new DLC for Kingdom Hearts 3 announced

So just as you’d think the weekend will roll along nice and easy, everyone’s in the theatre to watch the new Avengers adventure (read our review of it here), we got the Kingdom Hearts orchestra and Tetsuya Nomura coming along to reveal the first bit of news about the coming Kingdom Hearts III DLC.

As reported on Twitter by user @YanilynGaming and backed by multiple other accounts underneath the original post, Tetsuya Nomura took the stage at the Kingdom Hearts orchestra to talk a bit about the coming DLC and its infos. See the full tweet here:


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So the new episode will be titles ReMIND for now, having another new limit episode and a new boss to fight and also another secret episode (how secret can it be now) with another new boss fight. What is cool is the English VA option which some users were asking for. But that’s not all, alongside we also have free DLC which will give the players a new Keyblade and a new form for Sora.

Nice. However, this isn’t quite official news from the Square Enix source, so there may be more to it and also of course the whole content pack needs a release date too, so we’ll hopefully come back to you with an update regarding these points.

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