New Zelda themed 2DS XL out this July

Nintendo has come forth to announce a new special design for the Nintendo 2DS Xl console, due to come out this July 2nd. For 159$, you will get also the digital copy of The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds already preinstalled on the system.

Now… I don’t need this new Hylian design 2DS XL by Nintendo. I got a lovely little Nintendo 3DS console in black here on my shelf and I am happy about it as is. BUT, can we talk about how much fantastic details this design has? Check it out below here:

Because not everyone knows, the Nintendo 2DS consoles all can also play the 3DS titles, just without the 3D effect in the games. Oh and purchase an extra charging cable with the system since Nintendo decided at one point that owners of the new Nintendo 2DS and Nintendo 3DS consoles probably already owned a system before the new one which already uses the same charging cable. I do see a good point in doing this, but it’s not like you’re saving too much money on not including a charging cable.