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Lootboxes will change forever – Pokemon Memes on the rise – ESA leaked even more years
Nintendo, Sony and Xbox vow to reveal lootbox odds for every game and Rocket League ditches them right away -
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Xbox Live Outtage – Gamescom Opening Livestream – The All Female Fortnite Esports Team
Today in the gaming news we got a Xbox Live outtage problem, the coming Gamescom reveals including a Gheoff Keighley
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Get 2000’s Arcade classics Vasara 1 and 2 soon on console and PC
The 2000s arcade classic Vasara is coming to consoles this August! Check out here what the game has to offer!
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SEGA announces their Gamescom 2019 line up
Read here all about the Sega line up at Gamescom 2019.
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Crisp new Assassin’s Creed Odyssey free update releases today
Learn here about the new updates that Assassin's Creed Odyssey will get this August.
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Enhance the Nintendo Switch with a 40$ usb dongle to enable bluetooth headsets
Learn here about the BT Audio Sync which allows you to use any bluetooth headset you already have.
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Winners of EVO 2019 – King of Fighters 15 announced – Janemba releases on August 8th
Today in part two of the gaming news we talk about the winners of EVO 2019, Season Pass characters being
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Faze Clan Countersues Tfue – E3 leaks 2000 press contacts – Minecraft Fail turns into Twitch Success
Today in the gaming news we talk about the counter lawsuit by FaZe Clan against TFue, how the ESA (organizer
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London gets exclusive pop-up Pokémon Center
Read here about the time exclusive pop-up store for Pokémon merch coming this October for 4 weeks only!
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Ninja Exclusive to Mixer – more Game Stop layoffs – Twitch Updates Breastfeeding as ok
Today in the gaming news we talk about Ninja leaving Twitch in favor of Mixer, GameStop keeps laying off staff,
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