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Welcome to the New Byte News section where you can find all the latest news pc gaming posts from our authors in one organized feed! In this section you can read and find all the articles that are posted in regards to pc gaming and pc hardware articles!

Get ready for a new Ghost Recon game reveal this week
Ghost Recond will get a new game release soon and we let you know when that livestream reveal will happen
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A Hat In Time gets new Nyakuza Metro DLC + Online Party DLC
A Hat In Time will get a second DLC called Nyakuza Metro and online multiplayer parties with stickers and even
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Ubisoft Donates €500,000 To Notre-Dame de Paris And Gives Away Unity For 1 Week
Ubisoft has pledged 500,000 euros (£434,000) to help restore Notre Dame Cathedral. Ubisoft featured an almost prefect recreation of the
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Ancestors Legacy
10 Questions Answered by The Dev’s of Ancestors Legacy
I recently got to ask 10 questions to the Executive Producer over at Destructive Creations about their new game Ancestors
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Battalion 1944
Battalion 1944 Unveils Huge Update Ahead of Tournament
Old-School WW2 Shooter Battalion 1944 unveils a huge update as it heads to Amsterdam this September to facilitate an open
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The Crew 2
Sign up for the Crew 2 Closed Beta Now!
The Crew 2 – Closed Beta will be available from May 31st to June 4th on Uplay, PlayStation 4 &
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Battlerite developer Stunlock reveals more insight into their new Battle Royale mode
Battlerite will get a battle royale mode and expands for the first time the base game idea beyond first person
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Dan's Demos
Dan’s Demos – Past Cure
Hey guys, Dan here and welcome to my new series Dan’s Demos. In this series I am going to play
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Shadow of Mordor - Nemesis Forge
Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor – Nemesis Forge
Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment today announced the Nemesis Forge, a new update for Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor. This update will
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Monster Hunter: World
Brand New Gameplay Video for Monster Hunter: World
Capcom have just released a brand new gameplay video for Monster Hunter: World. The video takes a deeper look at
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