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Nintendo forced to take down game for including code editor

It usually doesn’t happen much often that Nintendo is forced to take a product down from it’s eShop after the initial approval process has been done. So with great surprise we learned that the game “A Dark Room” was taken down by Nintendo from the eShop store.

Hidden behind a keyboard keystroke: a code editor

The creator of the game, Amir Rajan, revealed the code editor easter egg to be hidden behind a simple activation method. Just plug in a normal keyboard to the Nintendo Switch and hit the tilde key. The editor can run Ruby and turns basically every Nintendo Switch that way into a Ruby development machine.

Getting a lot of flack for his work, Rajan goes on to explain: “’The sky is the limit’ mentality has been beaten out of us and replaced with ‘don’t do anything that will get you into trouble with the masters that feed us’. I’ve created the first spark. The fire is smoldering. Now everyone needs to make sure these embers don’t die. Build. Share. Teach a kid to draw a square instead of saying ‘ooooo you’re going to be in troubllllleee’ for fucks sakes.”

Dealing with the fallout

However, this wasn’t the end now as Rajan has received even more negative feedback and partially hate even for his move. In his words, the past few days have been the “worst of his life”. He went on to explain to Eurogamer: “I deeply regret how this has blown up, a simple toy sandboxed environment has been framed as this massive exploit. And of course it’s the community that exploits these things that pushed it up to that level. I’m partly to blame with my sensationalised media posts.”

The game was published via Circle Entertainment, which is also now getting a large portion of that blowback. Rajan states that he worked alone and on his own merits, yet of course this does not reach out to all people that want to give back some negative emotions. Whether Nintendo will allow the title to return to the eShop is unknown. Circle Entertainment has said that it’s “liaising with Nintendo to clarify on the next steps and will deal with the matter accordingly.”