My Nintendo Gold Coins are benefitting Nintendo Switch owners soon

My Nintendo Gold Coins will finally work on the Switch

Nintendo is planning to launch the My Nintendo Gold Coins plan for the Nintendo Switch console early March. This has been announced in their recent blog post. The system, which has been launched early 2016, mainly brings discounts and themes to their Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo WiiU consoles. Lately even smaller game titles we’re included in that program. You can understand it as the Payback card program where your regular purchases will enable you to save points in order to use them for coupons.

Gold Coins are earned by purchasing games for your Nintendo system. Rewards for those coins can be coupons, themes and sometimes free games.

It’s about time Nintendo

The Nintendo Switch launched last March and ever since a lot of things that have been announced to come over the summer are still not present on the console today. An unified online account program has since been launched, yet still your Nintendo eShop cards are only working on the console on which you have activated them, lacking the basic functionality of a unified order system and wallet for purchases in the eShop. While functions as purchasing games on the official website, which will trigger a direct download on your console of choice, are neat, having a unified wallet at least would help a bit. Now that My Nintendo Gold Coins (of which I collected over 500 so far) are finally coming also for benefits of the Nintendo Switch, maybe now more people will see a benefit in this program.

For 19,99$ a year Nintendo is going to offer classic game titles on the Nintendo Switch each month from their catalogue.

What I hope for the Nintendo Switch in 2018

While small steps like this are fine and good, I also hope that the Nintendo Switch will soon get their promised online service. Not necessarily because I’m interested in paying monthly in order to play multiplayer games, but certainly because I hope that more backwards compatible titles via an online platform can make their way to the Nintendo Switch via their announced . Right now on their official website for the online service, Nintendo claims that the service is planned to launch in September 2018, costing 3,99$ per month, or 7,99$ for 3 months or 19,99$ for 12 months. Making the whole year subscription more than half as expensive (exactly 27,89$) than 12 single months in a row.