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Play your whole Steam library soon on your phone thanks to Steam Link Mobile!

Steam Link mobile comes to iOS and Android soon

Valve just announced that on May 21st, both iOS and Android will get the new Steam Link mobile app for free which allows games to be streamed through your phone. In case you’re not familiar to the functionality of a Steam Link, it’s quite simple. The Steam Link is a Valve produced small box which connects to your home network and enables you to play games which run on your host system, like the regular pc gaming machine that you might read this article on.  The games then can be played with a controler or mouse and keyboard connected to the Steam Link, while the video output can be connected  to any HDMI device like your living room TV. Now with the Steam Link mobile apps, you can do the same thing, but now you can play games that usually run on your PC in your hands. Neat hu?

How can that go wrong?

Well for beginners, not all games can use touch controls so you would either need a really powerful mapping tool which I don’t think Valve would try to implement for mobile users, or you’d need a controller than can be used with your mobile phone. For Android phones this might be less of an issue since these have built in mouse and keyboard support, but for Apple products like the iPhone, this should prove a little bit more difficult. However, Steam itself says that “The Steam Link App will feature support for the Steam Controller, MFI controllers, and more across both platforms.” so at least for that they seem to have a plan. Especially users of the Apple TV will be happy to hear that they will also be able to use the Steam Link mobile app, basically rendering the Steam Link box useless as their Apple TV box is now taking over that role the Steam Link box used to have.

What else do I need for it to work

Based on the requirements list that Valve has put out here on their website, we need a 5ghz wifi connection or an ethernet connection from the host system to the network. All Android (phone, tablet, TV) and iOS-based (iPhone, iPad, Apple TV) devices will be supported “with Android access initially offered in beta”.

Valve’s future plans

Valve also mentioned that there will be the Steam Video mobile app, allowing Steam users to watch and stream their bought movies from the Stream platform directly onto their phone. Valve is taking a good shot at the market that Netflix, Amazon Video and so many more hosters are now already dominating at. Good luck at that Valve.