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Playstation 5 arrives holiday 2020

Today in an official blog post on Sony’s website, Jim Ryan, President & CEO, SIE of Sony Entertainment, revelead further information about the upcoming Playstation 5. The release window holiday 2020 and more details about the coming controller.

the name is real: Playstation 5

Sony talked to Wired the first time this April about the next Playstation experience. Back then that’s all it was. The console did not have a name yet. We mostly only knew that the console will have next gen data storage. Now the title was indeed confirmed to be Playstation 5. Including this we also know now for sure that it will release in late 2020.

Dualshock 5 innovations

Since the fifth generation of consoles, the rumble feature was a key functionality of controllers. It made the controller vibrate in the users hand for a more immersive connection to the game one is playing. With the Playstation 5 and hence the Dualshock 5, Sony will ditch this feature. Instead they will use “haptic feedback”. This should be in theory much more precise in where and how much it shakes the controller. Reminding me a bit of what Nintendo did with their Joy-Cons and their more precisely rumble feedback.

The second big new feature of the Dualshock 5 are adaptive triggers. The large L2 and R2 buttons are mostly used these days to have cars accelerate, guns being triggered and many more things. With adaptive triggers, it is up to the developers to determine how tight or loose a trigger is for a deeper sense of immersion. It certainly will find more use cases than their touchpad on the Dualshock 4. Developers have already received some controllers to get starting on development. Ideas for use cases are making the trigger more tight to have the player feel the string of a bow tightening. Alternatively, the acceleration paddles on cars could be simulated like an off road vehicle on muddy road.

On a sidenote, the new Dualshock 5 will use USB-C cables instead of the micro USB. What stays is the ability to play games via the cable instead of through the bluetooth wireless connection.

Console hardware ray-tracing

The Playstation 5 will be using an AMD CPU of the coming Navi line up. The storage will be a next gen SSD, mostly likely utilizing the new PCI-E 4 standards for more bandwidth usage of data streaming. On the GPU side also AMD will provide their graphics power. What we were mostly hearing was that the Playstation 5 will have ray-tracing support. Ray-tracing being a way of how to calculate lights, shades and reflections which was seemingly impossible to pull off in realtime until last year. Now Mark Cerny can also reveal that the Playstation 5 indeed will use a hardware accelerated way of utilizing ray-tracing graphics rendering. So no software that fakes the look of it, this is the real deal we’ve been waiting for.

Playstation 5 finally plays 4k Blu-Rays

Yes indeed, the wired article also confirmed that Sony will release the Playstation 5 with a Blu-Ray drive that allows for playback of 4K UHD Blu-Ray movie discs. This was a missing feature in the Playstation 4, but not on the Xbox One S or X versions, making the Playstation 4 lesser in that regard. The discs will be able to store up to 100GB of data.

Improved data management

Mark Cerny also reveals in the Wired interview that games on the Playstation 5 will not be considered like one solid block of data. Developers will are able to allow the players to have individual parts of their games installed or removed if so developed. Meaning your next Shooter Multiplayer can be installed and deinstalled independently from its singleplayer campaign for example. A practice I wished for most often as I play campaigns mostly once but multiplayer sessions for still multiple tens of hours after the campaign playthrough.

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