Pokemon Quest out NOW on Switch – on phones later

As of today, owners of the Nintendo Switch console can play the new Pokemon game, Pokemon Quest, for free with included micro transactions. The game runs under the model of free to start which means it is the usual mobile phone type of game in terms of financing. Download the app for free, enjoy it in small cycles or pay up to be able to do more after your “energy” has been used up. The core part of Pokemon Quest is that you are set on a small island, called Tumblecube Island, in which all the Pokemon look like they were all build inside of Cubeworld. A little blocky, with their calls from the original Game Boy era Pokemon games. You start out with a Pokemon that you pick and from then on you’re starting to fight for areas on Tumblecube Island, gathering resources and establishing your own home base on that island.

Pokemon Quest Starter Selection
Select your starter Pokemon that you want to begin your journey with.

The Pokemon featured on this island are all from Gen 1, so the Kanto based Pokemon. For your start you can pick between the original starters, Bulbasaur, Charizard and Squirtle, or Pikachu or Eevee, like in the upcoming new Nintendo Switch Pokemon games, Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee, which we will present in a separate article.

Gems can increase health and attack strength of your pokemon. Leveling them up unlocks more slots for these gems.

Now I’ve been playing around with this game this morning already and for what it is, the game is suiting both the Nintendo Switch for on the go gaming, utilizing touch controls, as well as for the mobile platforms iOS and Android on which Pokemon Quest will also release later this year. You can of course also use the joycons and the Nintendo Switch in TV mode if you like to do so. The game will give you automatically a click pointer in form of a glove that will allow you to interact with the buttons as well, but the general design is based on touch controls rather than a game that is played with physical controllers.

Pokemon Quest cooking in camp
In your base, you can cook up meals that attract new friendly Pokemon. Catching them like in Pokemon Go or the classic RPGs is not possible.

The game is split into two main phases, building your base, preparing food and taking care of your team. Then in the 2nd part of the game you select an area on the island which has a certain set of difficult hostile Pokemon to fight against. The Pokemon in your team will run around on their own and you as the player will only interact with buttons on screen which activate specific attacks your team members have available. It is almost like a RTS game, only that your units are moving and using base attacks on their own and you can help them by activating said special attacks.

Pokemon Quest Fight situation
Fights happen all in realtime, with you just activating special attacks. the rest is up to the team.

For now the game is quite fun in between work sessions to relax and to further enhance my base. The micro transactions are based around buying sets of content like getting models to put in your base, arches and benches styled in the likes of familiar Pokemon like Snorlax or Pikachu. The amount of times you can leave your base to free areas is limited by the energy bar. It either refills one point each 30 minutes or you can proactively refill the whole bar with the in-game credits. These credits can be earned every 22 hours (around 50 for me today) which is already enough to fill the energy at least once. These credits are also provided in the micro DLC that you can purchase in the store. These micro DLC are costing from 3€ up to 30€ with the latter one being a set of three discovery packs bundled together. Some models can enhance your energy bar, bringing it from 4 points up to 8 in my case, after I bought the 30€ complete pack out of curiosity how much this micro DLC impacts the way I play the game.

Pokemon Quest micro dlc overview
Buying these micro DLC that come in different sets can give you benefits and ingame credits to unlock more actions.

Check out the full trailer for Pokemon Quest here:


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A full review will be available soon after I personally had more time with Pokemon Quest. You can read up on the other news around the coming Pokemon games this year and next year in our news section soon. Stay tuned for more info and follow our social media like our Twitter, which we just recently lost for a few hours thanks to the GDPR problems many users faces last Friday. Read the full story about that right here.

Pokemon Quest Island Overview
Have fun exploring the whole island on which the challenge increases the more you expand your reach and the bigger your team gets.