PSN Name Change – Sims Clothing Line – Alternative EVO 2004 videofootage

Today in the news we got the PSN name change finally being available, a fashion line was released based on the SIMS and there’s new video footage showing the EVO 2004 Street Fighter 2 final!

Click the link here or the image above to view our gaming news video!

PSN Name change finally launched

Lightstream acquires GameWisp

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Speedrun leaderboard
Current World Record with 30:31

Brandnew alternative angle of the EVO 2004 final released
The new angle:

AntStream service launched their Kickstarter

Sims based fashion line launched

Monster Hunter World coming to Xbox Game Pass

You won’t need iTunes anymore for listening to podcasts

Our Watch Dogs 3 discussion episode:

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