Rage 2 shows first gameplay and it’s looking amazing!

Day 2 of Rage 2 reveals

Welcome to part two of the two day long reveal series Bethesda pulled in order to promote Rage 2. Yesterday we already talked about how Rage 2 is developed by Avalanche Studios, the folks behind Just Cause for example. Now we have some more details coming up since that inital reveal trailer we talked about here. ID software still helped in large parts with building the game. It’s unknown how much Avalanche and ID shared their work, but since the game will most likely (based on my guess) run the latest version of the ID tech engine, some help from the creators that built that engine surely can’t be a bad influence.


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The gameplay trailer

Now, here’s 120 seconds to let your eyes be warmed up with flashing lights, quite awesome looking characters, effects and worlds to explore and even more. Besides the double jump, apparently Destiny-esque like magic punch you can give and of course the promising first pictures of your arsenal for the game, everything looks just like Doom 2016 but this time it’s outside. Especially the way how enemies seem to take damage, their bodies respond to those damages and of course the effects from your weapons do remind me of Doom 2016. For me, if the game actually is like that but in a vast open world with different zones and the vehicle combat, I sure am open for trying it out. What do you think about it? Let us know here on our social medias like Twitter or Facebook!

Just as we thought we were done, the Bethesda Twitter account just released the infos about preorder bonuses. How 2011 tweets the Rage account (we agree). Please be wary of preorders before even hearing any player feedback and reports how the game plays.  However, here’s the info:


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We’ll be back with more talks about Call of Duty Black Ops IIII in 2 days. The official Twitter account of BLOPS IIII just can’t wait to see the reveal go live. We’ll cover everything we know once it’s published and available for us.