create your own Bladerunner cities in Rise of Industry’s 2130 DLC coming soon

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Rise of Industry

The morning of Gamescom began with Iron Man VR, which I’ll talk in a different post about and some indie titles that were rather early in development. Why I specifically gravitate towards Rise of Industry, I can’t say for sure. I do know that the vast range of products, ways of acquiring resources and manufacturing items is a nice gameplay experience. Being able to visit the Kasedo Games booth in the business area of Gamescom showed me cool new additions to the base game.

2.0 for the taking and pasting

So when I talked with one of the developers working on Rise of Industry, I was both introduced into cool new features that the base game will receive, but also the new DLC and why this is “merely” a reskin of the base game. With 2.0 of Rise of Industry, a very specific tool will be given to the players: copying, pasting and templating. Yes! You can template in this tycoon style game and make your companies easy to transfer into new areas when you explore and obtain more of the map. These creations of templates can even be shared via the Steam workshop, so you’ll get nice additions from the community if you need a boost in the beginning and maybe don’t know yet what really to do with all the different things the game offers.

I asked specifically if it was intended, that players may boost their own games faster rather than exploring and defining their own factory outlets, but I was assured that since it’s a singleplayer game it doesn’t matter too much and the only thing that players can spoil themselves is their own fun of finding proper layouts and connections.

Bladerunner style without different game mechanics

So let’s talk about the main course of this post. The 2130 DLC of Rise of Industry! I was informed that all DLC for Rise of Industry are aimed to give the game a new setting, new material names and partially even new animations. BUT, it was made clear also, that no gameplay change was put behind a DLC. This was something I found quite interesting because I couldn’t quite grasp what the strategy was for Kasedo Games and developer Dapper Penguin Studios to bring in new people? When all updates are free that bring new mechanics to the game, why pay for DLC?

The secret lies in the aestethic and look of Rise of Industry 2130. The story behind this new scenario simply is, that you’ve been so successful with your 1930s started company, that within 200 years your empire has destroyed the earth and you have to start anew but with new conditions. Old cities are new ruins that need to be mined for material. New ores and elements are being used as a replacement for classic ones, such as Thorium for example. The details even go as far as hiding loads of futurism, cyberpunk and more details in the game, even in city names such as Neo Tokyo which I could spot on the developers screen.

I for one can’t wait to see more of Rise of Industry. The core game is a bit weird to get into admittedly, but once being over the initial point of trying to understand the tutorial, the game on its own is quite fun and the DLC will add just a nice flair on top of that without excluding base game players from experiencing the same gameplay mechanics.


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You can find the DLC 2130 for Rise of Industry right here:

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