Sims 4: Seasons is the new expansion for holidays and bad weather

Live life different with the upcoming Sims 4 expansion pack called Sims 4: Seasons! The new content pack is coming on June 22nd of this year and will be available for both PC and Mac versions of the game.

With all four seasons, the new expansion pack will bring also holidays with it and special weather conditions that will also influence the activities your Sims can have. For example, you can build a snowman in the Winter, dance in the rain in the Spring and harvest honey in the Fall.

Dance in the rain!

Grant Rodiek, Producer for the Sims, talks how the new weather conditions will lead to more stories you can live out in the real life as well, that will form into memories like no other game can deliver. Impacting gameplay choices and changing the daily life of a Sim, this is what this new expansion aims for.

Have fun at disco parties with roller skates!

The Sims 4: Seasons expansion will also update the holidays with its release and now Sims will able to get into the holiday spirit with more decoration for those festive days. Having a New Year party, a Harvest Fest celebration and meeting Father Winter (*wink wink nudge nudge*). What I personally think is really great, is the addition of being able to create also custom holidays with its own custom set of clothing to be considered traditional for the new holiday and other things like the traditional food to have.

Meet Santa even!

But, the Sims 4: Seasons expansion is not just limited to the weather and the holiday festivities, you can also get your green thumb out to start a gardening career. Part of that new career activity is to craft beautiful flower arrangements and of course to deliver them throughout town. Sims with the itch for science can also go deeper into gardening with a botanist career path, analyzing plants, noting scientific research and trying to get other scientists to read your findings. Good luck with that! Lastly, the new career will also advance the Sim’s “blossoming” talents to unlock new outfits and objects.

Take care of your garden in the spring!

See the trailer for Sims 4: Seasons right here:


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