Did the Sims Twitter account just leak the new Final Fantasy themed clothes DLC?

Yes, yes they did apparently. Just a few seconds ago the Sims account tweeted out that for the coming release of Final Fantasy XV on PC, there will also be a new clothes line coming to the Sims 4. The tweet in question was this one which has since then been removed:

The replacement tweet looks as follows, basically the same text and linked URL, which shows to an preview page:


Now while the preview image on this tweet and the image in the linked post show the same costume, it’s just a regular superhero outfit. Luckily I took a screenshot of the original tweet further detailing the clothes of Lucis Caelum that will actually ship after the PC launch of Final Fantasy XV on PC. Here’s the screenshot in question:

Here I’ve got another Tweet preview which I took a screenshot of from our discord. I was quite excited to show it to Emily who, as you might know from our podcast, is quite a fan of the Sims games.

Let’s have a proper close look at the image:

Yeah, looks alright compared to this detailed shot that i found on the final fantasy Twitter: