Get to know the fast intense experience of Skybolt Zack

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You know a developer has humour when the developer studio is called DEVS MUST DIE. I certainly had much fun when I talked to the people that showed me Skybolt Zack at the Gamescom business area showfloor.


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about Skybolt Zack

Honestly, I have no idea what the hell the background story of Skybolt Zack is. But what I do know is the fantastic gameplay experience of the frantic action platformer. The idea is that you punch your way through enemies which are color coded according to the buttons on the controller you have. If an enemy is inside your bubble and its green, hit the A button on the Xbox controller for example.

It’s like a music game like Guitar Hero in a sense only much more complicated because you actually have to think about the buttons and their collors you’re pressing compared to a classic game when you know the bottom button is for jumping no matter the color.

the game is best when played flawlessly

To me when I tried the game I felt a pleasure of finding my way through the rows of enemies and rarely stopping to set foot on the ground. But once I handed the controller back to the developer who showed me how to play the game on the highest level with absolute perfection I was blown away.

The good thing about Skybolt Zack is the levels are all predefined, based on a simple grid that the developers use to build different difficulty levels. You can pick the difficulty based on the route you take inside of a level. Ending up on the top and the next level will be more difficult. Being in the middle section of the level and the next level will be medium difficulty and ending on the bottom… you guessed it, the next level will be easier.

when to get the game

Skybolt Zack is published by Green Man Gaming and will release this Fall to Steam. You can wishlist the game here on the official Steam page:

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