Skybolt Zack – the preview

Welcome back to another series of articles from our Gamescom impressions tour. We did not cover every game we saw at the show back in August right away, as we like to think that covering games closer to their release is genuinely more interesting. Today we’ll talk about Skybolt Zack. The game will release on October 24th on Steam and Nintendo Switch.

Punch and Match

Skybolt Zack is a mixture of platrforming and color matching gameplay. Punch your way forward through levels and possibly never touch the ground. Match the colors of enemies and doors to make your way forward. Zack could potentially also run but punching is way faster of course. Within his range, a circle that’s visible at all times, you can reach quite far. So make good use of Zack’s abilities and punch your way foward.

There’s a an intricate level system working in Skybolt Zack which allows you to pick one of three ways to go. The top path will lead you to the harder levels. The medium path will let you traverse through the normal difficulty levels. Lastly, the bottom path will let you access the easy difficulty levels.

Score with skill and style

At the end of each level there’s a scoring system in place. This system will rate how well you have gotten through the level. Punching without ever landing is already a good way towards the A and even S ranking. But as we learned at Gamescom 2019 also, the game has a hidden Z rank which you can only get when you play flawless and with the best time possible on the level. Thankfully you can train yourself in playing through these levels. Because nothing here is randomized. The level building system allows for the creation of new maps rather quick, but as we learned when talking to the developers “DEVS MUST DIE”, the goal was to have a platformer that you can get better and better everytime instead of implementing a level randomizer. This keeps the game more competitive as you can race against your friends, compare times and scores and much more.

Skybolt Zack Level rating

My personal hope is it to see this great game being speedrun on the livestream of Games Done Quick one day. Maybe Skybolt Zack can make its way forward through the vast amount of content. We definitely want to wish the team good luck on the release in two weeks. See the Nintendo Switch gameplay trailer here for an improved first look at the game. You can find more of these Gamescom impressions right here!


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