Super Smash Bros 64 gets new Fighter

Thanks to romhacks, Ganondorf is now playable

Hey and welcome to yet another romhack post that I found on my feed and report back to you! This time we’re taking a look at Super Smash Bros for the Nintendo 64! The modder JSsixtyfour gave the slot for Captain Falcon away to instead fill it in with Ganondorf, making him not a clone but actually giving him his own fighting style on top as well. See the trailer for the mod called “Super Smash Bros: Smash Remix” right here:


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Classic Ganondorf with moves from the future

The mod takes the original 3D model of Ganondorf from the release The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time which also released on the Nintendo 64, just like the Smash Bros release. Ganondorf is replacing Captain Falcon and changing mostly only the attacks and animations, models and a character selection screen artwork. This means that this mod can be downloaded onto an actual Nintendo 64 cartridge and played on the original Nintendo 64 console. According to the hack website, the team wants to bring this mod to the Houston Smash 64 tournament. Their plans are going even so far to actually wanting to increase the character roster instead of replacing characters out for new ones. So we may hear more from them in a future update and more characters.

The Character roster modded back into the past

Originally only having 12 fighters, the series saw an ever more increasing roster of fighters, leading up to the most recent release of Super Smash Bros Ultimate with incredible 71 fighters and 7 echo fighters. These echo fighters are almost their own fighters but still very much a copy of another original fighter. For example Princess Peach and Princess Daisy, where Daisy is the echo fighter of Princess Peach, having her own unique look of course and slight differences in some timings of the attacks, ultimately though still being the same fighter as the original, Princess Peach.

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