So Call of Duty 2018 is actually Black Ops 4

Roman numerals are no more, we carve sequels into stone walls

How… oh well. This time apparently Call of Duty in 2018 is going to be called Call of Duty Black Ops 4, or, as the logo says, Black Ops IIII. The only logical next step would be Call of Duty Black Ops IIII in 2021. But what’s it going to be about? For now all press material that I can get a hold of says two days:

May 17th – World Premiere of Call of Duty Black Ops 4. Until then it’s expected from me that we won’t hear any news, probably because it’s not that much more that we need to know for now and because May is a perfect time, roughly a month before E3 2018. On the other hand there’s also the following info:

October 12th – global launch of Call of Duty Black Ops 4. Are the platforms known yet? Actually the teaser trailer does not mention the platforms for which Black Ops 4 will be available. But it’s fairly certain that PC, PS4 and Xbox One are getting their release, more interesting could be an attempt at bringing back Call of Duty to the Nintendo console, the Nintendo Switch.

The teaser under the magnifying glass

You can see the full half a minute long teaser trailer right here:


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It’s interesting to see that the teaser starts off with some clips from Black Ops 1, like the RC-XD, the remote control car with explosives on top, zombies of course from the most well known console zombie multiplayer horde mode and also the weirdest zombie game with lore.

Here’s the gallery including my personal comments:

The teaser, what does it mean Mason?

Now let’s speculate, the campaign of Black Ops 3 had an interesting storyline with cybernetic enhanced soldiers and minds being connected and transferred even between bodies. Will Treyarch follow through with that previous campaign or will the story go beyond what we know from the previous Black Ops game titles? The last words of the teaser trailer are “forget what you know” . Know from the past games with modern to future sets, hopefully this means we can forget boosters and  enhanced jumps and all that for a clean boots-on-ground combat approach. This was done in Call of Duty WWII also, but at least I didn’t even try that game out (maybe later).

So as long there’s nothing official out there, we’ll have to wait for May 17th, we sure will talk about everything we know in our weekly podcast, airing live each Wednesday on our Twitch and Youtube. >>> Check out our latest episode here <<<

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