AHHHHHHHHHHHHH (Sonic Movie gets first trailer)

Hello everyone and welcome back to what on earth is happening to videogame adaptations!? No but, for real, the Sonic finally got its first full trailer and there is reactions. Loads of reactions. Let’s start with our own @EmilyHM45’s take on the trailer:


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Well, to be frank, I am not much more happy bout the trailer and what it promises for this movie. But let’s go through Sonic the Hedgehog trailer bit by bit. Or… frame by frame.

Initial impression of Sonic

Oh god oh no oh god why why why why why.

Sonic looks like what I thought would be an incredible mistake of an interpretation of what Sonic looks like in the game moved into hyper realistic new 3D game. What the issue is: Sonic was always created to be animated, cartoonish and not real. And it shows! Compared to what we see in Detective Pikachu, these Pokémon were primarily designed from real world images and you can mostly accept that they are a bit morphed from real animals, but not too wild. This look? It’s just astonishing how far I fell into the deep end of the uncanny valley.

Jim Carrey as Dr. Robotnik

At least one good thing is inside of the trailer, Jim Carrey might carrey (heh) the movie on his shoulders because his more crazy performance, as in, let loose, seems to be exactly what the movie needed. He is wild, magnificent, eccentric and much more. Just take a look at this:

Of course, this is not what you’d remember of think of as Dr. Robotnik, but that’s okay, at least to me. This Robotnik is an actual human, an interpretation that’s worth being given a chance at least. But then at the end of the trailer there is this:


It’s fanservice and only serves the purpose to promise you that MAYBE there will be a more game-like-version of Dr. Robotnik, or … I mean in this version I’d much rather call Jim Carrey Eggman than anything else. My problem is, I assume this is only the last part of the movie, if not a very late scene. How do I come to this conclusion? Simple: the movie description that is out for a while now states that Sonic is stranded in our world and will struggle the movie long how to get back into his own world. So there is a premise, Sonic not being rooted in our world but from another foreign one and the struggle of the movie being finding a way back home. This is most likely the end goal and also one of the last things that Sonic will do in this movie. Meaning Dr. Robotnik, being surrounded by gigantic mushrooms and having his more crazy, Eggman look on him is very likely a late movie moment, if not the setup for another adventure in Sonic The Hedgehog 2 which will may never happen, since the decision for a sequel is most likely depending on the success of this first movie and I just can’t see how this movie will make enough money to be granted a sequel.

I’m not even bothering anymore with the surprise that rings are now portals to another place in our dimension. The real question is still standing out: what about the Chaos Emeralds? Are they even a plot point in the movie whereas they’re always a driving force? Are they going to be the final thing they will show in the next trailer to get us even more fanserviced?

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