Sony blocked Destiny 2’s character transfer to PC

According to Jason Schreier, who was recently on the Kotaku Splitscreen podcast, it was actually Sony that prevented Bungie from implementing a simple transfer of the console accounts over to PC when the sequel to Destiny launched also additionally for the first time on PC.

Apparently Sony’s reasoning behind this block was simply coming down to wanting the playerbase to always keep Destiny as a PS4 game in mind. A move that was also happening already in the first game when Xbox was not allowed to proper market the launch of Destiny on Xbox for which of course it also released on the same day. That led then Xbox to promote a parfume called Destiny in remarkable blue tone in looks in order to get the word out, that Destiny does in fact also release on Xbox. (Source)

Of course Activision didn’t only lead this strategy with Bungie and Destiny, but also with other games from Activision which are either console exclusive or console time exclusive, or, if not the full game, then DLCs get different release dates as with the change from Call of Duty Black Ops III. The series prio to Black Ops III always had deals with Microsoft and Xbox to have DLC releases delayed for other platforms so Xbox players could enjoy content a month exclusive from the other platforms. Since 2015, with the release of Black Ops II, the situation has turned and Sony and Playstation get the DLC exclusivity for a month (Source). Though this practice has actually changed a little bit since last year, as there is only a 7 day exclusive time period in effect with Call of Duty Black Ops 4 and onwards (Source).

Of course maybe Sony will finally start with this or next year to release its tight grip around its player base to enable even more games for crossplay and account transfers. At least Fortnite (Source) and Rocket League (Source) have now seen enabled crossplay features between Playstation and Xbox One/PC/Nintendo Switch.

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