Romhack remake of Super Mario Land in Color released

Never say no to a well made Game boy DX remaster

Romhacker and creator Toruzz released a new version of Super Mario Land which reimagines the whole Game Boy classic as a new Game Boy Color version. Some of the early Game Boy Color games indeed worked also on the Game Boy because they were not actually fully realized Game Boy Color games, but also had a basic backwards compatible greytone mode, allowing GBC games to be played on a Game Boy. Remastering the original release of Super Mario Land into a color version is basically taking the game forward one step which allows to understand why the modder Toruzz names this version of the game Super Mario Land DX (DX means Deluxe).

See the release trailer for Super Mario Land DX


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How to play the Rom hack?

Inside of the release trailer, Toruzz links to the romhacks website which requires you to download the modfile. With this modfile and a modding app, called Lunar IPS, you can update the original release of the Super Mario Land game and play that new version inside of a Game Boy emulator. Clearly, we’re now in legally muddy waters so if you want to play this romhack yourself, we at the New Byte don’t take any responsibility for your actions.

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