Superhot will get a Japan themed standalone spin off title soon!

Can’t get enough of Superhot? The folks over at GameTomo have you covered! Superhot JP (title is work in progress) will be coming to PC and PS4 soon. Superhot JP is a spinoff game from the first Superhot title with a more eastern setting. Featuring samurai castles, hot springs, karaoke bars and of course also bullet trains as its setting. The game will have a new storyline, an overhauled menu design and 15 levels plus 4 endless levels. Of course there will also be more to shoot and dodge in Superhot JP. The game will bring new weapons like a bow and arrow and more additionally to the other weapons of the first game.

Rebooted, enriched, bigger!

See all the official game screenshots here:

For now we don’t have a price or a release date yet. However we know that GameTomo is developing the Superhot spinoff game with the guidance of the original Superhot Team. The game will, as said before, be released on PC and PS4 in a non-VR version. Sadly the game will also come to Japan first, with a western release coming later. Superhot JP is not the final title of the game yet, but the studio already confirmed they are thinking about a reasonable price for the spinoff game.

Immerse into AR like no other game did before!

All official info can be read right here on the developer info page: