Survival Adventure CryoFall Launches New Electricity Update & Dev Roadmap

CryoFall’s new electricity update introduces the ability for players to add a power grid to their base, increasing efficiency, production and security for their troop of adventurers.

Different types of generators – Steam, Solar Energy, Biogas or Gasoline – produce electricity to power new advanced structures such as electric furnaces and freezers which in turn can aid each player’s survival changes in the harsh alien environment.

The Electricity update also adds a new Tinker Table which allows players to combine two broken items into a repaired one, as we as well as new swamp and volcanic biomes which offer brand new creatures for players to hunt and harvest.

AtomicTorch Studio continues to evolve CryoFall based on their design vision and feedback from the community, culminating in a Mostly Positive review rating on Steam. As part of this update, the studio also released a roadmap of features currently in development for the Early Access game:

New roadmap for CryoFall