Prey – Review (PC)

Prey in 2017 by Arkane Studios is a vastly different game from the previous title known as Prey, but in it’s presentation and atmosphere, you’ll not find any shooter in 2017 like this one. Hau5test reviews what the liked and disliked about the new Prey game.

Mr. Shifty – Nintendo Switch Version Review

Mr. Shifty is a top down beat’em up in which you as the hero have to take care that Chairman Stone is not using his Mega-Plutonium to take over the world! For that you can shift some meters and fist every baddie in your way. How it plays on Nintendo Switch and if Hau5test liked it can be read here.

Gravity Rush Remaster – Review (PS4)

Welcome to a new review! Today I’ll talk about Gravity Rush, the PS4 remaster from 2015, which is based on the original PS Vita release. Thanks to the release of the sequel in 2017, Gravity Rush 2, I was quite excited to go back to this game and play through it.

Dishonored 2 – Review (PC)

Read here what we thing about Dishonored 2 and why this game overall is one of the best crafted and well made games of 2016 for gamers of all genres to be played.