Sims 4 sims having fun

The Sims Game To My Heart

Electronic Arts are famous for games such as Battlefield 1, Fifa, Burnout Paradise and my personal favourite, The Sims series! Every year, we see new games announced, tested and released at big events such as E3 in the USA, EGX in the UK and GamesCom in Germany, with E3 being the most important of all! This year, in anticipation, people are expecting big announcements from the EA crew at the most important gaming event of the year.

A key question is,  will EA be at E3 this year? The answer is no. They are holding an alternative event called EA Play in Hollywood, from June 9th to 11th. This event will run in the couple of days before E3. Meaning, EA get priority in crucial announcements, game previews and hands on sessions before any of the other big gaming companies do it at E3.

From EA Play 2018, I would expect lots of new games to be announced, highly anticipated sequels to original games and lots of gaming news from the big conference that happens early. Announcements and more information about the new games coming out, these new game releases include probably more sporting games. I expect more information on the new Battlefield and possibly some Star Wars: Battlefront announcements and gaming sessions for those who are attending.

Yet, as an avid Sims gamer, I would like to see some development going into The Sims 5, however there have rumours about Sims 5, that EA and Maxis will not develop it if The Sims 4 was not successful. For those you are not familiar with The Sims gaming series, it is a life simulation gaming series, ranging from The Sims, which was the first ever of the series release by Maxis, the studio who make Sims, to the Sims Mobile, which released in early 2018.

I have been playing the Sims series ever since the release of Sims 2 in 2004, thanks to my cousin for turning me into a simmer at an early age. Yet ever since Sims 3 came out in 2009, I have clocked over 5000 hours over on such an addictive game!  For the future, if EA were to do The Sims 5, what I would love to see in the game would be the freedom aspect of Sim 3 and a new and improved Create A Sim Mode from Sims 4, yet more complex detail options when making the sims. Those two characteristics would be my most wanted aspects of the potential game as I loved the freedom feature from Sims 3 and being able to walk freely everywhere without having to regress to a loading screen which Sims 4 made the mistake of featuring, copying the feature from Sims 2.

In conclusion, I hope that there will be a Sims 5, following the lack of copies bought and the decline of people playing Sims 4, not liking the format and going back to their favorite game of the series.

I can only hope that Sims 5 would be a progression from the multiple loading screen and limiting world from Sims 4. I look forward to seeing what new features EA have in store for the Sims series; from The Sims Mobile to the new ‘much requested’ expansion pack, Seasons, for Sims 4 in June. From The New Byte, we hope to see an announcement of The Sims 5 or some updates from EA as what is happening with it.  Following the release patterns of the previous games, this seems to be every 5 or 6 years, so it could be out in 2019 or 2020. This can also be down to how development goes and if it does get announced this year or next year, as there as are still being expansion packs being released for the Sims 4.