The upcoming PUBG plans for 2018

The roadmap hints at two new maps and more!

PLAYERUNKNOWN’s Battlegrounds is the definitive best success story of 2017 in gaming, not only laying ground for a whole bunch of Battlegrounds to be made by more developers, it is also the historically most played game measured by concurrent player numbers, beating out Valve’s own titles on Steam, CS:GO and the free to play DOTA 2 even! With that success in the bag, PUBG of course also wants to take a look at what it coming in 2018! So for that, finally Brandon Greene released his roadmap and plans for 2018!

The new map

Upcoming within the next month already, PUBG aims to bring a new 4x4km big map to the test servers. The map is certainly smaller than the previous two before it, but the reason for that is to aim to deliver faster matches and quicker action between landing and finishing a game. The setting is based in the jungle for now. Here’s the first top down view of the map you can get:

the new jungle map features a central mountain, with a few cities and a long river bank through the map.

Aesthetic updates

Houses will also receive an overhaul, the new version definitely looks better to me. Less… standard UE4 perhaps? At least an improvement nonetheless.

new weapons and Developer API

The game will also receive a developer API in which you can find different stats which you can use for many use cases, for example showing on your Twitch stream in the stream overlay which weapon you currently run and such, plus overall data about players and more. Before you can use the API, you have to apply for that first. Details on how to apply to get access to the PUBG developer API can be found on the official blog post.

The official PUBG developer API is coming soon!

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