There’s a new Lego Star Wars gaming coming out soon-ish

Today we learned that Skywalker Sound confirmed that there will be a new Lego Star Wars game coming out! We don’t know about it all yet but it is definitely coming as we have video proof of it being revealed on accident!

The post that made its way around the web shows an Instagram Video-Clip, which has Matthew Woods of Skywalker Sound leak the coming game. Skywalker sound is the


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We don’t know yet if this Lego Star Wars game will be about Episode IX, which we have learned this weekend is titled “The Rise of Skywalker”, but it wouldn’t be that far off from what we’ve seen so far coming out from the Lego Star Wars series. The Original and the new trilogy came out in a Lego-fied version, but also the Episode 7 Force Awakens and the Episode 8 The Last Jedi saw their Lego Star Wars adaptations.

About Matthew Wood

Matthew Wood is the current Sound Editor Supervisor and knows of course about all things recording Audioproduction and Sounds in Star Wars projects as he is working for the Disney owned Skywalker Sound Studio. He most famously voices General Grievous in Star Wars Episode III – Return of the Sith.