Mr. Shifty – Nintendo Switch Version Review


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Mr. Shifty performance

Let’s talk about one thing right away, this review for Mr. Shifty came out very closely to the release of it on the Nintendo Switch, on which it had some moments of bad performance, mostly however the game was at stable 30fps. I had lots of fun playing the game and will recommend it at the end of the review. I don’t know how the performance of the game is today, because I haven’t check back in a while and I won’t do it for this review.

Explosions won’t be only your problem, you can use them to kill guards too!

Shifting into high gear for his mission

Mr. Shifty is an agent trying to infiltrate the StoneCorp, led by chairman Stone who invented limitless teleportation with the help of Mega-Plutonium! We first of want to try and steal that Mega-Plutonium but sadly will have to face that this task won’t be so easy to do, so instead of simply stealing the technique, we will be forced to actually face Chairman Stone himself and to stop him from ever misusing the teleportation. Funny enough, the reason why Mr. Shifty can teleport, however only for small dashes, is never explained. I guess we can be lucky that he’s working for the good guys.

Right at the start of the game you’ll be greeted with this fantastic opportunity to throw an agent off the cliff.

A shift in time

The gameplay of Mr. Shifty is incredible easy, you can dash forward for a few consecutive times before you have to wait a few seconds for your ability to reload. In the meantime you can slow down time for a few seconds to punch enemies in the face. If punching isn’t your thing, you can also always pick up some of the impromptu weapons you can find, such as sticks, shields, swords and other. Those break fairly easy, so you won’t be able to run around with a Captain America styled shield, hitting faces and demolishing Stone-Agents, good thing your fists don’t show that weakness.

Lasers! They’re going to slice in you in half! Good thing you can shift forward to avoid those dangers with proper timing!

The last shift for Mr. Shifty

For the level design, I am having mixed feelings here. Both the restrictions that come later into play when smarter enemies and your abilities get temporarily disabled, Mr. Shifty shows some excellent gameplay challenges, based on what you have learned so far from the game. At times it even rivals Hotline Miami for a bit, until you can get your dashing back again and instantly murder most enemies. The trick to not feeling too easy is that Mr. Shifty actually can only take one hit, so time slowing down and rapid repeating dashes to reach new rooms or at least to get behind a wall to breathe for are a few seconds.

Walls can be teared down either by yourself or strong guards, so watch your back!

Uncomfortable levels of shifty comedy

The game isn’t very long, nor is it featuring a lot of memorable moments, but it is fun, challenging and truly a treat for the Nintendo Switch. The most interesting moments are at the start of the game and inbetween, before it quickly stops all kinds of jokes in order to show a real threat apparently with Chairman Stone using the everything teleporter. However, what is interesting gameplaywise are the sections where your dash ability is turned off and you have to approach enemies smarter, more careful so you don’t die too easily. You can only take one hit, so you better make sure to net receive any. Lucky sometimes explosives are worse for your enemies as a threat than they are for yourself, so it’s actually quite to misuse those traps against those that set them up earlier. Funny enough, some enemies are also using attacks that will kill your enemies if they’re not watching out.

Unsuspecting guards can expect you or you can surprise them and give everyone a deadly blow!


I can’t add much really because the game didn’t give me much to work with. It’s a fun, still recommendable game to get, however, considering the Nintendo Switch port quality, you might want to get the game on another platform or just directly on PC, on which it runs at smooth 60fps, even on low end systems. For me, it sure was a fun time and entertaining on the Nintendo Switch, nonetheless.

Watch those bullets, you’re not immune to them!