TNB on BBC – Borderlands 3 Release Date – VPN

Today on the news: we were on the news at BBC OS! Also lots of April Fools day things, a Borderlands 3 release date we’re not sure if it is real and Cloudflare bringing a VPN service with their DNS app.

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The New Byte live on BBC OS

Confirmed Release date for Valve Index

Playstation Store Updates refund policy

Call of Duty Blackout gets Alcatraz as 2nd map

+++++ APRIL FOOLS DAY +++++

Kirby is now square

Tekken’s Director joins Tekken 7

Rainbow Six Siege is rainbow now

Screen Cleaner App

Pixel 4 ultra

Concrete cooling your PC


Did the Borderlands 3 release date leak?

Cloudflare brings VPN into its DNS app on iOS and Android

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