Tropico 6 – a fantastic console experience

Tropico 6 is available on Playstastion 4 and Xbox One as of today! How is the experience and did we like what we saw? Let’s jump into our impressions of the console release of the dictat… I mean generous benelovend ruler simulator!

Building and politics simulator on a gamepad that works

When first playing Tropico 6 on console, we definitely recommend going through the tutorial. Even if you already played the game on console, It’s a bit different from playing with keyboard and mouse. Luckily the developers kept the controls intuitive enough for console players. For this article we’ll use the Playstation 4 icon terminology as this is the console version we were provided by the PR company for Kalypso Media.

The options are easily opened via the option menu and give you a great overview of the controls. Additionall you can also find a lot of the well known options you already know from the PC release. The PC version was released March 29th this year, everything is on board that matters in regards to the options. Of course, the lack of graphics options is a miss, but not a grave detriment. Even the setting to only have stream-safe music enabled is here. So it is great for streamers on Twitch, Mixer or YouTube have that on the console version as well.

Managing your islands, the factories, farms and workers are all done via context menues. These menues are opened and navigated around with simple reflective buttons. They can let you know where your imaginary cursor is currently placed, but a stronger indicator is something I’d hope for too. In the world itself you have a bright white circle on the ground for navigation. It allows you to find where you can navigate to, so selecting specific locations is feeling natural for the console version. If things get too hectic, of course you can stop time or speed up the world time if necessary.

No shortage of lovely graphics

Jumping to the overview of your Tropico islands is as simple as pushing in the left thumbstick. Turning around, zooming in and tilting the camera is easily done. Only both thumbsticks and an optional R2 button is needed. In general, the level of detail of the Playstation 4 version was remarkable and did indeed have lots to spectate. Zooming in on buildings, getting a closer look of the people is always a nice thing to do for me. I’m definitely glad that we’re still able to do so on the console version as well. Other than that, buildings have their beloved details, such as ships that sail your water with loving care. Water effects are excellent fit seamlessly into the islands with their vegetation and mountains or vulcanos even.

As far as we can tell we could not find any severe performance issues or bugs with this console release. Loading times are considerably quick and not annoyingly long.

Tropico 6 – now on consoles

And with that we can already conclude our impressions of the console release of Tropico 6. It is definitely still a fantastic building, management and politics simulator. Tropico 6 both invites to check out the mission challenges or to get into free play and try to rule your islands as long as you can with the best intentions for yourself and|or your people.

We definitely think this is a great release and will play more in the coming future. A fully featured review may follow at some point later this year.

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