UK Gov vs. Steam – Diablo HD – Dark Souls Battle Royale

Today in the news we talk about why the UK Government wants to talk with Steam about some major issue with their platform, how Diablo made its way back to GOG with the blessing of Diablo and also we hear how Dark Souls creator Miyazaki thinks about Battle Royale games.

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Free theme for PS4

PS4 now supports remote play via iOS devices

PS4 players in Asia can swap X and O button prompts

UK Government wants to interfere with Steam Store behaviour

Valve laid off 13 full time developers

Diablo makes a return in glorious HD on GOG

Pokemon GO add lunchtime raids

EA won’t be at E3

Devolver Digital still goes to E3

H1Z1 KotK is now Z1 Battle Royale

Battlefield Firestorm tutorial leaks on the internet

Dark Souls creator Miyazaki could do a Dark Souls Battle Royale

Official Fallout pen and paper RPG coming in 2020

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