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What is Pokemon Quest?

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How does the RPG game turned into strategy play out on the Nintendo Switch?

In this new mini series of videos we want to explain and further look into the recently to Nintendo Switch added Pokemon game, Pokemon Quest. Part one aims at a general audience that does not know much about the game. Is it worth downloading on your Nintendo Switch? Does the pay to start mechanic force you to pay up fast or can you also enjoy this title without paying money? Here are all answers to that question in brief.

Part two and three will take a deeper look into the mechanics of the game. Part two is an overview of how the RPG with roundbased fights was translated into a top-down view commander-like strategy model. How deep to tactics go? How many advantages are taken from the original game into this new way of playing Pokemon?

And lastly we have part three which will take a look into the monetization of the game. How much playtime you can get out of Pokemon Quest and if it is even worth paying for the game’s micro DLC. We want to take a look at fairness and responsibility of Nintendo as a publisher in that case, so stay tuned for the detailed insights.

If you want to read our basic overview of Pokemon Quest and get a glimpse of our first impressions, you can check them out here in our news post about Pokemon Quest:
Pokemon Quest on Nintendo Switch right now! – Coming to iOS and Android later

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