1 person got all 60845 songs in Osu! finished and scored!

Osu! completed – 4 years in the making

Have you heard of Osu!? The open source music and rhythm game that has been around since 2007 is free to play for everyone and boasts a massive song library of over 60.000 songs. Now beating rhythm games and getting high scores in all songs is of course the one goal to go after as a player of these games, but usually there are only a hundred to two hundred songs maybe. But getting a score on all songs of the Osu! library? That takes dedication!

I would assume on the top right where 60845 maps found it means that Osu has been completed.

The completionist: Xasuma

Posted on April 27th on the official Subreddit for Osu!, the community celebrates their first full completionist of the game: Xasuma. If you want to you can congratulate him here on the Reddit post. or of course you can watch his Twitch channel. Along with the public acknowledgement of course, Xasuma was also granted a unique title on the Osu! leaderboard: The First Completionist. Acchording to Reddit user KalvinWinz Xasuma took 4 years to complete his journey through Osu!

Having let alone over 20.000 songs ranked as SS just shows pure dedication, completing them all? That’s near madness.

If you want to watch the final beatmap played by Xasuma before he finished his journey, you can do so here:


How To Play Osu!

Are you curious about Osu! now? You can play the game for free from here:
https://osu.ppy.sh/home/download. Luckily there is also a 40 video long playlist on YouTube that teaches you all about the game:


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Want to learn all about Osu! ? The Community has you covered with this tutorial playlist.

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