Xbox, Playstation & Nintendo under investigation – Valve actually works! – Impressive Hacker Ban

Today in the news we’re seeing Xbox, Playstation and Nintendo being investigated by the UK for the subscription practices, Valve actually working on Steam to prevent Borderlands 1 and 2 from being review flooded and Apex Legends hackers complaining about being banned too well!

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Xbox, Sony and Nintendo under investigation

Rumour: Xbox to combine their subscriptions into one

TES Blades now available

Borderlands 1 and 2 negative review flooding stopped by Valve

Borderlands 3 doesn’t have shared loot

Apex Legends hackers complain about too good bans

Fortnite adds revive vans

Tencent launches WeGame for the West

Mortal Kombat adds brand new character

Rudeism beats Super Mario 64 with just one button

Skybound games gives insight on finishing TellTales Walking Dead

Netflix adds For Honor development documentary

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